Reblogged: Male violence against women is at epidemic levels – what to do?

With the update on Karen Buckley, one wants to ask, ‘why, oh why did this happen to her?’ And it also reminds us that anyone of us could be Karen Buckley. When one hears the news of a missing woman and almost ‘automatically’ assumes the worst, there is something completely messed up about the society.

In this context, this is an excellent blog post from Michael Marten channelising the anger we all feel reading about Karen Buckley and many more women. It is empowering, calling for us and men, in particular, to stand up against violence against women and stand up for what is a basic right- for women to be treated as human beings in this world.

Meanwhile, rest in peace, Karen Buckley.

In The Public Sphere

Trigger warning – this post discusses statistics and incidents of men’s violence against women.

This morning I read the tragic news that the body of Karen Buckley, a Glasgow student, has been found (as it happens, not far from where I live – I’ll be going past the spot on my way to Glasgow this evening).

Karen Buckley - click the image to read the STV story Karen Buckley – click the image to read the STV story

I cannot even begin to imagine how awful this must be for her parents (who I gather came here from Ireland once they heard their daughter was missing), and her wider family and friends.  Ms Buckley is another young woman who was simply enjoying herself at a nightclub before she went missing, who will now never again have the chance to smile at someone taking her photo by a loch, as she does in the photo here.

Her murder is not a solitary…

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