Isle of Harris – June 2014

Last week, I spent 4 days on Isle of Harris visiting a friend for a long overdue holiday. It was a very significant trip to me for various reasons that I do not wish to explore here. I made some images of the beach, hills, etc. Whilst I was not particularly impressed with my photographic skills (or lack thereof), this following image is rather special.

DSC_0095We cannot enjoy the beach without taking the shoes off. I do not enjoy taking photos of myself. But, this photograph and the moment it was made, to me, represents the pleasure of connecting with, experiencing and ultimately embodying the nature.

It was a wonderful experience on different levels. It was the first time I was travelling on my own after a long time, the first time I did camping (and learned all about peeing in the wild!), etc.

Camping on the beach was a unique experience to me not only because it was the first ever camping experience but also going to bed listening to the waves was soothing. I jokingly wondered whether someone should switch the waves off before going to bed, like switching the lights off at home.

Little Minch
Little Minch

One of the highlights of the trip was to see and learn how to appreciate nature. And I must thank my friend Ruth (who is at the moment away embarking upon an exciting cycling trip from the U.K. to Turkey- you can read her travel logs here) for helping me understand what it means ‘to be at home’ whilst being outside. I made some photographs of her, which to me represented the harmony/tranquility of embodying the nature. With her permission, I am publishing them below:

Ruth and the sea
Ruth and the hills
Ruth and the hills

There was something calming and magical, at the same time, seeing how she was ‘one’ with the nature. All these made me think of Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain and the themes of embodiment, mind-body dichotomy, etc., which I hope to explore in another blog post.


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